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The SUSTEC system presented by TANABE offers more than spring and damper upgrades. The addition of a TANABE strut tower bar adds stability while additional suspension and wheel/tire upgrades complete the total system. The strut tower bars are simple reinforcements that entry level users can install to greatly improve suspension stability. The lightweight, hollow aluminum bar is produced by extrusion for strength that resists distortion. The oval-shaped bar keeps its shape even on the hardest run, giving the driver a confident steering response. For ultimate handling and control, TANABE stabilizer bars (anti-roll bars) can also be added to upgrade the suspension. SUSTEC Stabilizers link both ends of the suspension to absorb body lean and controls rolls during hard cornering. It reduces rolls to a minimum of 30% without driver discomfort. Tower bars are an easy suspension upgrade but are also a popular engine dress-up item. Stabilizers are perfect for users who want to improve handling and reduce body roll without increasing spring rates. Both products add extra benefits to suspension tuning. Tanabe SUSTEC strut bars are competitively priced with applications for import sport cars, station wagons, and sport sedans.

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